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Sort out your space!

Sort out your space!

Sort out your space! 

This month we are in conversation with Mary James, our Creative Director, and Spatial Design Specialist.  

Mary injects her raw and authentic ‘Yorkshireness’ into unique creative and innovative designs. Mary sells a lifestyle that brings excitement and joy to tired homes.  

I asked Mary what the most important thing in great interior design is; she without hesitation said…Spatial Planning. For the novice a term like that may seem daunting but, in Mary’s true inimitable style she breaks it down for us so we can fully get to grips with what it means for our homes.  

So, what is Spatial Design? 

Quite simply it is not just about how to organise furniture, fixtures, and fittings in your home in the best way possible; it is about flow, how you use a space, how it feels, proportion, building regulations, height, structure … and making your home the best it possibly can! 

Right, that is why you are a spatial planning specialist!  

Can you take us through the elements that are considered in the spatial design process? 

Ok – the most important element is the user – the homeowner – the client. You then need to consider the whole space you are working with, as there are considerations to be made, especially when working with a large space, as it may need to be zoned, so it can become cosy, welcoming, and usable.  

Then there is the history and architecture of the home or room that you are designing. Using what is already there can give us inspiration and guidance, so we can retain the integrity of an older property and protect our heritage.  

Light, windows and focal points are next. Where is the light coming from, does there need to be lighter. Are the windows in the right place? Is it part of the design to move a window, will it be necessary will it make a difference. Focal points are key, where are your eyes drawn when you enter a room. Are they going to the right place? Does the focal point need to change? 

We then think about balance. By this we mean everything is on the right scale for the room, there is no point buying what you think will fit in your room only to find that it swamps the space and throws the room completely out of balance. It is about ensuring that when entering a room, the eye is enabled to travel around space, and it is not visually jarring.  

As part of our design service, we make sure that each different space has the right feel for the purpose. For example, a writing room would need to be stimulating or calming depending on the end user.  

What next in the mystical world of spacial design?  

Once we have collected all the information, we need to get to work and start planning the space. We will use a drawing program, this is where my expertise comes in as I love nothing better than getting behind the computer and working my magic with CAD. These plans that I create are ‘working plans’ which enable the design to come to life.  

So how do we get to access your expertise, Mary?  

So come into the store and have a chat with us. We have different design services that we can offer, and we even offer a home visit design service package. It is all about finding what is right for you.  

I am going to put you on the spot now Mary…Tell me the first thing that pops into your head when I say, ‘Spatial Planning’? 

It is all about the details. 

Thank you for your words of expertise and wisdom. So if you know it is time to sort out your space then come and see us in store and book a design appointment with one of the design team or maybe you know you need Mary’s wisdom! 

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