Bringing the Inside Out This Summer with Sarah Clark

*Computer generated image to show an outdoor scheme pulled together by Sarah's specifications

As the sun starts to shine, we extend our wonderful interior design world outside onto our terraces, patios and balconies. We asked our fabulous Founder and design principal, Sarah Clark to give us her tips to create an outside space as beautiful as the interiors she creates. 


Sarah Clark’s Expert Advice for Bringing Your Interior Design Style Outside

When it comes to creating a harmonious living space, the boundaries between indoors and outdoors are becoming increasingly blurred. Sarah Clark, the visionary behind "Interiors at Nine to Eleven Malton," offers invaluable advice on extending your interior design style to your terrace, patio, and garden. Known for her bold and colourful interiors, Sarah shares her insights on how to achieve a seamless transition from inside to outside, making your outdoor spaces just as inviting and stylish as your interiors.


This image is computer generated to serve as inspiration using Sarah's ideas.


1. Start with a Plan

The very first thing Sarah advises is start with the end in mind, you will have some idea of the theme and styles you want to suit your taste so to begin, you need a plan:

"Just like any interior design project, planning is crucial for outdoor spaces. Consider how you use your indoor spaces and think about how these activities can be translated outside."

Begin by mapping out your outdoor areas. Identify zones for dining, lounging, and entertaining, just as you would with your indoor rooms. This initial step helps ensure a cohesive design that meets your lifestyle needs.


Bold and colourful scheme created by Sarah using a selection of vibrant paints and outdoor fabrics available at Interiors at Nine to Eleven


2. Create Continuity with Colour and Materials

Sarahs knowledge of spatial movement is key: “To create a seamless flow from inside to outside, use a consistent colour palette and similar materials."

If your interior features a base tone with pops of colour, extend this palette to your outdoor furniture and decor. Use materials like wood, stone, or metal that complement your indoor finishes. Use colour just like you would inside, there is no reason why you have to stay with basic neutral tones, there are so many wonderful paint colours and clever primers suitable for outdoor use now, any colour can be introduced. For example, if your living room has a soft blue palette, look to add this into your outdoor furniture to maintain visual continuity.


3. Invest in Quality Outdoor Furniture

Sarah would always choose high quality well built furniture: "Quality is key. Choose outdoor furniture that is not only stylish but also durable and weather-resistant."

Look for pieces made from high-quality materials like teak, aluminium, or all-weather wicker. These materials withstand the elements while offering timeless style.

If you have existing pieces that have become tired out, go for a specialist wood and metal paint or primer to upcycle the piece creating and entirely unique colourful pop in the scheme. On the larger cushions and textiles opt for fabrics that are fade-resistant and easy to clean. Interiors at Nine to eleven offer a wonderful variety of outdoor fabrics and made to measure seat pads, as well as seat pads from their take away today range.


4. Bring on the flora, go wild for greenery!

Sarah loves being outside on her terrace: "Plants are the big deal outside and fill a the creative gap between indoors and outdoors. Use them to enhance your design, it’s a wonderful natural way to bring another design element into the scheme which you often may not be able to include indoors”


Integrate a mix of potted plants, hanging planters, and garden beds to create a lush, inviting atmosphere. Choose plants that thrive in your climate and require minimal maintenance. You don’t want to be a slave to your terrace or patio!

Group plants in varying heights and textures to add depth and interest. Don’t forget your colour palette, using plants and flowers whose colour and style are echoed in the fabrics and furniture you use will promote the seamless integration of your inside and outside spaces.


5. Focus on Lighting

Sarah always considers the lighting within every space she designs: "Good lighting is essential for creating ambiance and ensuring functionality in your space, inside and out"

Use a combination of string lights, lanterns, and solar-powered path lights to illuminate your outdoor areas. Soft, warm lighting creates a cozy atmosphere for evening gatherings, while task lighting ensures practicality for activities like cooking and reading. There are some fantastic products out there, but my absolute favourite are our dandelion solar lights, they are so gentle but effective, creating a magical feel to your outside space.


This image is computer generated to serve as inspiration using Sarah's ideas.


6. Add Personal Touches

Queen of the bold and stylish interior, Sarah always ensures any space she inhabits is awash with colour : "Your outdoor space should reflect your personality and style, just like your interiors."

Personalise your terrace, patio, or garden with decor items that speak to you. Include colourful throws pillows, unique planters, outdoor rugs, art and mirrors designed for exterior use. These touches make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your home. Don’t forget cheeky little lanterns, tea light holders, outdoor throws for the chilly evenings, Outdoor rugs that can be left outside, For the tablescaping: place mats, Moroccan inspired tableware, not to mention jugs, pitchers, fun glasses. If you can’t fit it all on the table, bring out an outdoor drinks trolley! More is definitely never enough, you need MORE!!


7. Consider Weather and Climate

Living in the UK, Sarah understands that we don’t always get a sunny day: "Design with your local climate in mind to ensure your outdoor space is comfortable and usable year-round."


On sunny days, incorporate elements like pergolas, umbrellas, or shade sails to provide relief from the sun. when the sun is being shy, consider adding outdoor heaters or a fire pit to extend the usability of your space into the cooler months. Also be creative with Pergolas, outdoor curtains and screens can be installed to add protection to a permanent structure. Why cant your patio have curtains too?!

Sarah Clark’s expertise in interior design shines through in her thoughtful approach to outdoor living. By planning carefully, maintaining continuity, investing in quality, and adding personal touches, you can transform your terrace, patio, or garden into a stylish and functional extension of your home. Embrace the opportunity to create an outdoor space that reflects your interior design style and enhances your overall living experience.

For more inspiration and professional advice, or just to buy one of the wonderful candles, throws or hand painted tableware visit Interiors at Nine to Eleven, Malton and discover how you can elevate your home, inside and out.

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